Thursday, August 18, 2016

Combine Fence Building with Pool Construction for a Family-Friendly Addition

Constructing a pool is one of the most exciting features that you can add to your home, but it is also something that you need to plan for accordingly as it comes with numerous risks. Although pools are often thought of as simply a fun home addition, it is still necessary for a homeowner to set their pool up in a way to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Consider combining fence building with pool construction, you can feel confident about this family-friendly addition. Here are a few ways a fence can benefit your new pool:

Keep Wildlife Out of the Pool 

Although it depends on exactly where you live, you may have wild animals that want to drink from the pool or even go for a swim. It is also possible for small critters such as lizards or frogs to get stuck in the pool. You can prevent this from happening with proper coverage and surrounding the pool with a fence. A pool is dangerous to wildlife because the water is not safe to drink due to its chemical content, and these animals can introduce bacteria into the water that may require additional maintenance.

Beautify the Pool Area 

By building a fence to surround the pool, you will find that it is an easy way to make the entire area more attractive. When you combine a fence with features such as a waterfall and palm trees, you can create a beautiful oasis that your family and friends will enjoy spending time around on a regular basis.

Protect Your Pets and Children 

One of the most important parts of building a fence is being able to protect your pets and children. If it is necessary, you should cut back on some cool features to get a fence installed. It is not worth putting anyone at risk, and you will find that having a fence will keep your home insurance premiums down.

If you’re looking to add a pool to your property, give the fence installation experts at Allstar Fence and Deck a call to learn how we can help protect your family and complete your new pool area in style!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Limit Frustration over a Wobbly Fence with the Help of Allstar Fence and Deck

Getting a quality fence put up in your backyard can add a great deal of privacy and help boost the value of your home, but it can also be concerning since you want to be sure that it’s installed properly. Instead of rushing into getting a fence built on your own or with only help from a friend or family member, it’s best to look into how hiring a fencing contractor can be ideal for a finished project you’ll be happy with.

Ensures That Fencing Posts Are Installed the Right Way 

The fencing posts are the main form of stabilization, making it so important that they’re installed the right way. Simply digging a hole and placing the posts inside isn’t typically enough to keep them standing straight for months and years after, making the need for cement apparent. With professional help, you can make sure that the fence posts are installed properly and without any issue.

Avoids Wobbly Fencing Due to Weak Materials 

When you choose to install a fence on your own, you risk the chance of the fence being uneven and even tilting to one side dramatically. This can often be due to you trying to save money and choosing the cheapest fencing materials. With the input of a professional builder, you can make sure that you have a good balance of a sturdy fence without uncertainties over its longevity.

Guarantees the Project Will Be Done Right 

While you may be prepared to handle a lot of the construction work on your own, it can lead to unexpected repairs being needed due to you doing some of the steps incorrectly. With a professional, there’s no need to worry about anything being done wrong.

Lucky for you, the professionals at Allstar Fence and Deck can help you with all of your fencing needs. Contact us today to start your new fencing project!