Monday, November 27, 2017

How to Protect Your Deck This Winter

If you do not properly prepare your deck for winter weather, it can weaken and potentially require costly repairs come spring. No matter the surface, be it natural wood or composite materials, your deck needs to be winter-proofed to survive the snow, ice, and harsh winds it will soon endure. Here are some tips for getting your deck ready before the temperature drops below freezing this year:

Clean Surfaces are Key
Wood surfaces are known for trapping dirt. If the dirt remains on the surface throughout the winter, mold and mildew will accumulate. This dirt, combined with any leftover leaves from fall, can retain moisture from snow, sleet, and rain and cause discoloration on your deck’s surface. 

Protect With Stain
Protective stains are excellent at preventing damage to your deck. Choose a stain that instructs you to apply two coats. Two-coat applications are much more effective at prolonging the life of the finish.  Keep in mind: these stains are only necessary if your deck is made from natural wood.

Handling Snow
We recommend only removing snow from your deck if it can be easily brushed off with a broom. Heavy snowfalls that freeze are best left to melt on their own. Removing the snow with a shovel could end up damaging your deck’s surface.

Should you find your deck looking less than perfect despite your winterization efforts, contact Allstar Fence and Deck LLC for help!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

3 Things to Ask a Fence Contractor Before Construction Begins

Getting a new fence installed around your backyard can be a wonderful way to gain additional privacy, while making your home safer against both wild animals and burglars. If you’ve decided to get new fencing installed and are seeking the help of a fence contractor, you need to make sure that you’re on the same page regarding installation and the work that will be done.

Length of Installation Period

Depending on the season and day of the installation, you may be concerned over how long the project will take. In many cases, your new fencing in Nashville TN can be installed in just one day, making it a great project when you don’t want construction that will last for days or weeks.
Discussing how long the project will take can prevent any unwelcome surprises.

Foundation and Stability 

Asking about how deep the fence will be built can help a lot when you have pets or are worried about wild animals. The depth of the fence and the materials used can also reveal a lot about how stable it will be in heavy winds.

Prepping the Yard First

In many cases, you may have a lot of landscaping debris or tree roots that could be in the way of your fence. With this in mind, you’ll need to get the yard prepared before the installation begins. Checking if the contractor offers clearing services can help you determine if you need to do the work yourself first.

Being careful to discuss all of your concerns with new fencing can ensure that you feel good moving forward with the installation. We encourage you to give Allstar Fence and Deck LLC a call to discuss your fencing concerns and service needs.